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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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The UCF Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence (SURE) is a poster presentation forum of academic research by UCF students from all disciplines. View MFRI SURE posters below.

2011 SURE Posters

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The Effect of Individual Distress on Retention for Low-Income Couples Participating in Marriage Education Workshops
by Teddy Moumouris, Honorable Mention Awarded in Social Sciences
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Family Adjustment Measure (FAM): Scale Construction and Preliminary Validation
by Vanessa Dominguez
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Influence of Spouse's Reported Symptom Distress, Relationship Quality, and Social Conflict on His or Her Partner's Overall Individual Distress
by Caitlyn McKinzie
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Influence of a Spouse's Reported Partner Agreement, Tension, Affection, and Common Interests on His or Her Spouse's Perceived Relationship Satisfaction
by Emily Maddox
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The Research and Evaluation of Children Exposed to Abuse and Family Violence Project
by Jennifer Gonzalez

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The Influence of Cohabitation on Marital Quality for Men and Women Prior to Attending Relationship Education Workshops
by Ana Rondon
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2010 SURE Posters

  • Parental Bonding and It's Effect on Adolescent Substance Use and Sexual Debut by Jazmin Turk.
    Click here for the poster (PDF)
  • How to Engage and Retain Low-Income Families: Three Practical Factors that Influence Participation in a Marriage Education Program by Christine Garnett
  • The Family Adjustment Measure Project: The Norming and Validation of the Family Adjustment Measure (Preliminary Findings) by Vanessa Dominguez, Honorable Mention Awarded in Social Sciences.
    Click here for the poster (PDF)
  • Effects of Pre-Enrollment Efforts on Retaining Low-Income Married Couples with Children in a Marriage and Relationship Education Program by Ashley Bennett.
    Click here for the poster (PDF).

Current Projects

Family Adjustment Measurement Project
The purpose of this study is to develop an assessment that measures family adjustment specific to parents of children with special needs. Adjustment is measured on four possible domains including: Social Support, Positive Coping Skills, Family and Marital Adjustment, and Effective Parenting. This research will help to define the concept of coping and adaptability in families that have children with special needs. The Family Adjustment Measure is a brief survey conducted on-line by parents who are married or in a monogamous, committed relationship. More...

Past Projects

PAIRS Evaluation Project (PEP)

The PAIRS Evaluation Project (PEP) will provide evaluation support for the PAIRS Foundation's PAIRS Relationship Skills for Strong Florida Families federal grant that was awarded in October 2006. More...

Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families (SMSF)

Funded through the Florida Department of Children and Families, the Stronger Marriages and Stronger Families Program was a three year grant (2003-2006) that supported initiatives established by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and Administration for Children and Families. More...

OFA Together Project

In October 2006, the Office of Financial Assistance of the U.S. Department of Healthy and Human Services has awarded the Institute a five-year grant to design and implement the Together Project. The goal of this project is to provide marriage education and family support services to economically disadvantaged (e.g. low-income) couples and to evaluate their impact on marital quality, marital stability, and child well-being for treatment participants. More...

MDRC-SHM Implementation Plan

In December 2006, MDRC (www.mdrc.org), a national research and evaluation firm, as part of a national demonstration and evaluation project, awarded the Institute with a subcontract to study the effects of marriage education and supports on 500 low to moderate-income married couples and their children from the Orlando area as compared to an additional 500 low to moderate-income couples and their children who receive no services. More...