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Thursday, September 21, 2017

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Daire, A.P., Carlson, R.G., Munyon, M.D., & Young, M.E. (2010). An outcomes study of the integrative model for brief couples counseling. Manuscript submitted for publication.
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Daire, A.P., Wade, W., Carlson, R.G., Munyon, M.D., & Robertson, L. (2010). Four domains of parental adjustment: A synthesis of what works for parents of children with special needs. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Ngazimbi, E.E., Daire, A.D., Carlson, R.G., & Munyon, M.D., Soto, D. (2010). A Qualitative Analysis of Marital Expectations and Satisfaction in Married African Immigrant Couples and United States Born Married Couples. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Ngazimbi, E.E., Daire, A.D., Soto, D., Carlson, R.G., & Munyon, M.D. (2010). Marital expectations and marital satisfaction between married African immigrant couples and United States born married couples. Manuscript submitted for publication.
Swank, J.M. & Daire, A.P. (2010). Multiple family adventure based therapy groups: An innovative integration of two approaches. The Family Journal, 18 (4), 241-247.