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Thursday, September 21, 2017

CED Department of Educational and Human Sciences

About US

The University of Central Florida Marriage and Family Research Institute was created in 2003 to support and strengthen healthy relationships for individuals, couples and families.

We are committed to conducting and disseminating rigorous research that contributes to the understanding of relationships and provides useful clinical applications.  We are invested in collaborating with our community partners to enrich the lives of individuals, couples and families.  It is our goal to make our services inclusive and accessible to the widest reach of people across race, ethnicity, ability, religion, class, culture, and sexual orientation. We are also committed to the continuous care, development and support of our Institute team, as we know that passion and compassion must begin with ourselves.

Project Harmony

Project Harmony offers relationship education to participants, as well as essential skills to promote their success in the workplace while learning more about their personal strengths. Participants in this program will learn effective communication strategies, gain tools to cope with stressful situations, learn to listen and be heard, and improve conflict management skills to positively impact their careers and relationships.

We offer workshops at no cost to participants, include hot meals for each workshop, and childcare for most workshops. Additionally, each participant will receive incentives in the form of Walmart gift cards for participating.

Eligibility: Be at least 18 years of age with an interest in learning more about healthy relationships and healthy communication.

Sign Up: Call 407-823-1748

Email: mfri@ucf.edu

Project Harmony is a research study funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Family Assistance, Grant 90FM0078-01-00, UCF IRB SBE-15-11828

This study is under the direction of Dr. Sejal Barden, Principal Investigator and Drs. Dalena Taylor and Mark Young, Co-Principal Investigators, (407) 823-1748.

Proyecto Harmony

El Proyecto Harmony ofrece educación de relaciones a los participantes, así como las habilidades esenciales para promover el éxito en el trabajo mientras aprenden más acerca de sus fortalezas personales. Los participantes en este programa aprenderán estrategias de comunicación efectiva, obtendrán herramientas para manjar situaciones estresantes, aprenderán a escuchar y ser escuchados, y mejorar el manejo de conflictos para impactar positivamente sus carreras profesionales y relaciones interpersonales.

Ofrecemos talleres sin costo alguno para los participantes, incluimos comidas calientes en cada taller, y el cuidado de niños en la mayoría de los talleres. Además, cada participante recibirá incentivos en forma de tarjetas de regalo de Walmart por su participación.

Requisitos: Ser mayor de 18 años de edad con un interés en aprender más acerca de las relaciones y comunicación saludable.

Regístrese: Llamando al 407-823-1748

El Proyecto Harmony es un estudio de investigación financiado por el Departamento de Salud y Servicios Humanos, Oficina de Asistencia Familiar, Grant 90FM0078-01-00, UCF IRB SBE-15-11828

Este estudio se encuentra bajo la dirección del Dr. Sejal Barden, investigador principal y los Dres. Dalena Taylor y Mark Young, Co-Investigadores Principales, (407) 823-1748.